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by Laurent Mazzone 20 Oct 2023

En étudiant les marques de parfums de niche, L'Officiel Monaco a rencontré le parfumeur Laurent Mazzone, qui rompt avec les stéréotypes en créant des fragrances uniques.

Laurent Mazzone’s journey in the heart of the French Alps began with an innate fascination for aromas. As he transitioned from a fashion entrepreneur to a perfume creator, his evolution led him to establish a unique “Parfumerie”, crafting niche perfumes and candles that resonate with his olfactory passion. With LM Parfums, he ventured into perfumecreation, blending tradition with an enchanting touch, resulting in a distinct world of scents bearing his signature.

L’O: How did your experience in the French Alps shape your passion for aromas and flavours?

Laurent Mazzone: Perfumery is amagical and mysterious world I’ve wanted to explore since childhood. It is fascinating how a fragrance can be a marker of time and a personal elevatithat encourages reflection. Growing up in the Alps provided me with memories and experiences that are woven into the
stories of some of my perfumes.

L’O: Tell us about the transition from being a fashion entrepreneur to becoming a

LM: I can’t say there was a distinct transition because perfume has always been a part of my passions. My entire journey is interconnected because the fashion world has greatly inspired me to create my perfume brand. The fragrance “Chemise Blanche” is inspired by an exploration of a cotton shirt, highlighting aldehyde materials.

L’O: Can you share the inspiration behind your unique concept of “Perfumery”?

LM: Each creation is inspired by personal adventures. Each perfume is a narrative. For example, Dulce Pear pays homage to Italy, my home country.

My inspiration comes from a nostalgic moment that allowed me to gather scents from my childhood and roots. Additionally, my inspiration is fueled by contemplation of the world around us.

L’O: What motivated your decision to transition from selling perfumes to creating them with LM Parfums?

LM: It has been a desire since the opening of my fashion boutiques. It’s an obsession with perfume and, above all, a curiosity to explore the wonders raw materials offer. The blending of certain materials allows for the creation of surprising works that transport us around
the world.

L’O: Your perfumes blend tradition and innovation. Could you elaborate on your

LM: My creative process begins with a commitment to place perfume at the forefront. It all starts with the selection of a raw material to explore. In 2024, the brand will introduce a new collection called “FIL D’OR,” which pays homage to the

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