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What outfit for which perfume?

by Laurent Mazzone 08 May 2023

A perfume is like a fashion accessory, it must be in perfect agreement with the outfit of the wearer. This is the harmonic price to pay for the fragrance to sublimate an appropriate outfit while the latter magnifies the former. At Laurent Mazzone Parfums, each eau de parfum finds an ideal partner with the right outfit combination.

A luxury perfume in the professional world.

In the business world where professional stakes are high, wearing a high-end perfume provides you with a powerful protection and a way to reaffirm your identity. Amongst Laurent Mazzone Parfums’ fragrances, certain scents help you reveal your personality while bestowing the necessary confidence needed for the successful completion of an important appointment. Arsenic Osman Extreme is one of them. Its profound and dark tones will combine perfectly with a sober business outfit such as a perfectly custom fitted dark suit. In this case, the sugary plum and vanilla notes will find a familiar echo by wearing a tie or a pocket square high in colour. In the more feminine world, this perfume extract will harmonise superbly with tapered trousers and a blouse with a loose tie. In the same category, Radikal Tuberose, an exquisite blend of suave and tangy notes, will reveal to the world your innate composure that never loses its ambition. Its delicate and contrasted scents are the ideal partners of a sheath dress both strict and terribly feminine. Charm and efficiency ooze from such a combination. On the man’s side, the association of both scents expresses with gusto the blend of listening skills and resolution which is key to business life. A straight pair of trousers, a white shirt and a more colourful waist jacket will provide the adequate competitor for this olfactive mosaic.


During a party, express your shadow self…

A night on the town, for a dinner, a cocktail party, or just to go dancing, represents an opportunity to reveal to others little known parts of yourself. All the same, an eau de parfum participates in this phenomenon of exposing bare a certain intimacy. In this matter, one perfume is king: Sensual & Decadent. This woman’s perfume (being just as well a man’s perfume) glorifies the nocturnal self through its rounded and warm emanations. Women will love making it the ultimate touch of a resolutely modern evening outfit: a black sleeveless and wide-leg jumpsuit, the elegant symbiosis of modernity and sensuality. Men will enhance this fragrance by wearing stylish brown pleated trousers and a custom-fit black polo shirt. For other temperaments, there is another luxurious perfume: Lost Paradise. In between sophistication and animality, this perfume extract is the scent of all paradoxes. Leather and floral notes intertwine in this flamboyant arrangement to make it your best ally during a soirée. In order to challenge effectively this olfactive creation, a chic and contrasted outfit is

compulsory. For the man, an impeccably waisted jacket and elegant denims are the adequate answers to the brute force of this high-end perfume, while a fancy bow tie will play a sensitive and delicate partition in concert with the sensitive notes of the fragrance. On the woman’s side, a long high-slit evening dress will express, each in turn, all the facets of this classy and sensual association.


Casual chic

When masks fall and true colours are revealed, there is always a high-end perfume to be with you in these precious moments of casual abandonment. Radikal Jasmine is one of these. It is a subtle oriental fragrance which bestows a touch of dream to all the lighter moments in life. At home, at a picnic or over a drink surrounded by friends, this fruity and floral scent knows how to sublime a window of wellbeing. To accompany the woman during this suspended moment in time, extra slim-cut cargo trousers and a light satin top will do. For men, the most comfortable of denims and a slightly lose t-shirt will blend into a casual chic surrounded by an enchanting fragrance. Another accord for another relaxing atmosphere: Soleil Infidèle, as a woman’s perfume, emphasizes the longing for vacations and sun. Between earth and sea, between the plant and marine worlds, this extract knows the secrets of the paradox that links the scents of both evasion and sweet intoxicating nonchalance. What would be better than a floral trapeze dress to freely abandon yourself to this voluptuous summer fragrance? As it is also a man’s perfume, Soleil Infidèle will efficiently combine its powers with the ones of an ideal man’s summer outfit: a classic fit linen oriental shirt complimented by comfortable linen trousers for a sunny instant full of relaxation and comforting scents.

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