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How to choose your luxury perfume online?

by Laurent Mazzone 18 Oct 2022

Choosing a high-end perfume on the web can be a little disconcerting at first. Indeed, the norm and part of the experience until recently was to physically go to a luxury perfumery to choose one. However, lifestyles are changing and buying a new fragrance online is becoming more and more attractive. However, what criteria should you base your online perfume choice on ? Our advice in a few words.

The high-end perfume awakens the emotions and personality of its host

There is only a small step between what we smell and what we feel. Despite the sense of smell working the same in all human beings, it provokes very unique emotions in the person who uses it. Scents are an integral part of life, they travel from the nose to the memory and thus compose your olfactory universe. A word is enough to revive your mind with the memory of a sensory perception and exalt your senses with an intoxicating pleasure.

It may be that the animal fragrance of musk, evokes your first amorous commotions, which, at the time, seemed fiery and bewitching, while only resonating today as an emotional comfort. The heady notes of jasmine recall games with cousins where, running and gesticulating in the garden, you grabbed the tops of your well-behaved outfits with joy. But perhaps you are more sensitive to the roundness of vanilla, which comes back to you like a gourmet pleasure through the memory of pastry cakes. It is precisely this olfactory anamnesis that will guide you in choosing a great perfume. It becomes, then, interesting to look for the well-being and the pleasure that an extract (or rather a word) evokes in you.

The same goes for introducing your personality through the application of a noble perfume. It expresses your temperament, it defines your deepest self, it immerses the movement of your body in a sensory environment chosen by you. You may be wearing a floral, woody or spicy note on your skin, but perfume perpetuates the language of your body and reflects the expression of your spiritual intimacy.


Luxury perfume invites itself into moments of life

Another way to choose your perfume is to consider through which events this beauty elixir will accompany you. The eau de parfum, sprayed on your skin, will speak a different language depending on the occasion.

For example, in the business world, it is important to enhance your charisma and dynamism through a man's perfume that matches the neatness of your suit. In the same way, a well-chosen women's perfume enhances your professionalism, while revealing an elegant and refined scent.

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It is obvious that you will not wear the same fragrance depending on whether you are spending a relaxing moment on a yacht or shaking hands at a gala evening. When it comes to your moments of leisure or rest, intimate essences have their place. They emanate a cocoon of

scents that rebalances your deepest nature and promotes tranquillity and serenity. On the other hand, for official holidays, why not wear a rounded, almost warm fragrance, with a spicy or woody uplift?

For a romantic rendezvous, essences such as musk, offer a man’s perfume an irresistible attraction. This wild connotation, perfectly dosed by the "noses" of luxury perfumery, participates to the seduction and embellishes this intimate moment with an exhilarating sensuality. Women will dare an oriental fragrance, with amber and sweet notes, which hints at the delicate scent of violet.


The olfactory pyramid unveils the notes of the online perfume

Laurent Mazzone Parfums enriches the description of its fragrances with an olfactory pyramid. It is a sort of identity card for the high-end perfume, citing the top, heart and base notes. It serves as sound advice. It is recommended to take all three variants into consideration when choosing a new fragrance, each one unfolding the fragrance's scent step by step.

The top note is the one you feel immediately, from the first spray. It is imbued with a crazy, lively and fresh energy. It travels the olfactory path at lightning speed and stimulates joy, elation and euphoria. It diffuses its aromas in all sincerity, without modesty or false notes, then disappears in favour of a rounder fragrance.

The heart note is less intense than the first one, however, it lasts longer. The essences blend together, characterizing the core composition of the fragrance. Some take over, such as floral, woody, or spicy scents.

Then the base note imposes itself over time. Its expression takes a dominant spot, keeping a distant, voluptuous and rich fragrance. It demonstrates the full extent of its olfactory depth as a mysterious and suave journey that sinks into your mind. This is the case, for example, with vanilla, musk or amber aromas.

The olfactory trace of a luxury perfume unravels slowly as time goes by. It is therefore important to both understand the story that emerges from a combination of fragrances, and choose the one you feel most comfortable with, knowing that the heart and base notes are the ones who will leave your unique print on your environment.

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